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Tickets purchased over the phone for Airport Shuttle Services will have a $6.00 processing fee.

If the ticket is unused and/or if you miss your trip, no refund or compensation will be provided.

The cancellation request must be made at least 24 hours before the requested departure of the service (conditions may apply).

If the prices increase or decrease after the purchase, we will not charge or refund the difference in price.

Anyone under the age of 18 is considered a minor. Children ages 15 and under are not allowed on board without an adult (18+).

Applicable discounts become invalid once the ticket is purchased.

Jetbus Airport Shuttle and Jetbus X will use reasonable efforts to meet stated departure and arrival times but does not promise to meet those times and will not be liable for any failure to meet those times. Jetbus Airport Shuttle and Jetbus X cannot be held liable for delays due to road conditions, traffic volumes, weather conditions or incorrect bookings made by third party agents. Jetbus Airport Shuttle and Jetbus X shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising out of or consequential upon, directly or indirectly, any abandonment of, delay in departure or delay during any trip howsoever caused.

Jetbus Airport Shuttle and Jetbus X is not responsible for any charge caused to the passengers if they miss an airline flight due to a bus service delay. The company cannot reimburse the flight price, or any service fee the airline charges as penalty for rescheduling. it won’t be responsible for hotel or transportation fees. It is exclusively the passenger’s responsibility to arrange the bus transfer according to the flight departure time, considering that there could be inconvenient delay, traffic, or accident that may delay their arrival to the airport.

Tickets may be changed for another date and time (conditions and charges may apply).

Changes, if possible must be made over the phone by calling +61393303466.

Refunds, if possible must be requested through the ONLINE REFUNDS TOOL.

Jetbus Airport Shuttle and Jetbus X will not refund any part of the fare if a passenger elects not to travel.

If the service is delayed for external factors (traffic, weather and/or accidents) refunds will not be provided.

Purchased tickets cannot be transferred to another person.

These terms and conditions apply to the extent that they are not inconsistent with or in contravention of any obligation imposed upon Jetbus Airport Shuttle and Jetbus X by the provisions of the Bus Safety Act, the Australian Competition and Consumer Act 2010 or any other legislation whether State or Commonwealth.

Smoking: Smoking is not permitted on board our vehicles or in waiting facilities or shelters used for our service. Behaviour: A passenger may be told to disembark or permission to board can be refused, if in the opinion of Jetbus Airport Shuttle and Jetbus X or the driver:

  • any other passenger may be threatened or at risk by violent, abusive or aggressive behaviour; or
  • there is a risk that such passenger or their luggage may cause disturbance, or may cause distress or discomfort to any other passenger or the driver.

Violence, abuse or aggression in any form will not be tolerated. All incidents will be reported to the police.

Alcohol and Food etc.: Consumption of food or drinks (except water in screw top containers) is not permitted on board our vehicles. The transportation of hot food and hot drink, irrespective of the container/vessel used is also prohibited on-board. Jetbus Airport Shuttle and Jetbus X can refuse to carry, or remove from a service, a passenger who, in the reasonable opinion of Jetbus Airport Shuttle and Jetbus X or its driver, is affected by drugs and/or alcohol. All additional costs incurred because of the refusal to serve, or the removal from the service will be borne solely by the passenger.

Drivers and Passengers: Drivers are obliged to assist passengers. Passengers acknowledge that they must be able to move and place their own luggage on and off the bus trailer and within the bus bins when applicable. Passengers also acknowledge that their luggage must be stowed safely and securely. Passengers must also be willing and able to comply with time restrictions, driver directions and any regulations applicable to the journey. Passengers acknowledge that by boarding the bus they will be filmed by CCTV footage and that this footage may be used by Jetbus Airport Shuttle and Jetbus X strictly for purposes relating to issues arising from that journey or for the purposes of legal proceedings by Jetbus Airport Shuttle and Jetbus X or third parties.

Left Luggage: Any property that is left aboard a Jetbus Airport Shuttle and Jetbus X vehicle will be carried to a Jetbus Airport Shuttle and Jetbus X terminal and stored at the owner’s risk for no more than 14 days. A reasonable administration fee may be applied for the return of lost property and in addition any freight expenses incurred in the return of lost property must be paid for (or secured) in advance by the passenger.