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Terms and Conditions


We are committed to protecting your personal information as we recognise the importance of your rights to privacy. Jetbus Airport Shuttle will not provide a third party with any of your personal information, nor will it trade or sell any information to other organisations. Your personal information will stay with Jetbus Airport Shuttle only.

Website Ticket Sales

Jetbus Airport Shuttle offers customers to book their tickets online. You will need to provide details of your credit card in order to purchase a ticket online. You will also need to have access to a printer to print your tickets online alternatively, you need to take down the ticket number and present this to the driver. If you choose to book a ticket by phone you will incur a $5.00 surcharge.



As stated on our price table, a child is classified as aged between 4-14, while adult fares apply to persons 15 years and over. A child 3 years and under is permitted to travel free of charge providing they don’t require a seat. This may mean that the child must sit on the carer’s lap. All fares are in Australian dollars and include GST (Goods and Services Tax)

Exclusions of Liability

Jetbus will take all reasonable steps to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable trip. We do not take responsibility for events that are beyond our control and accept no liability for passengers missing their flights, meetings or events. If a passenger is objectionable to other passengers or disturbing and causing discomfort, they will be asked to leave the shuttle. If a passenger is under the influence of alcohol or drugs or believed to be physically or mentally incapable of travelling they will not be permitted to use a Jetbus service. Jetbus Airport Shuttle is not liable for cost incurred as a result of a passenger precluded to travel.

Baggage, including any carry on baggage and personal items is the sole responsibility of the passenger. Jetbus Airport Shuttle will not be held liable or accept any responsibility in the event of theft or damage to passenger baggage. In respect to loss of luggage, arising from negligence, a compensation of $400.00 for large baggage (standard suitcase size) and $100.00 (length 48cm, height 34cm) for a carry on will be provided. Jetbus Airport Shuttle will not be held liable for damage to baggage as a result of normal wear and tear.